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Choosing A Tent Site On A Guided Backpack Trip

On any of our guided backpacking trips, your Big Wild guide will choose the campsite. On our Yellowstone backpacking treks, we will have reserved each campsite prior to the trip. But on most of our other treks, the guide can pick and choose as the trip unfolds, according to the groups’ progress, weather, animal sightings […]

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5 Backpacking Mistakes Many Beginners Make

Backpacking trips are undoubtedly growing more popular with each passing year. In fact, approximately 38.05 million people went on a hiking or backpacking trip between 2013 and 2014 in the United States. But if your interest in wilderness travel has just become piqued, you certainly aren’t alone. It’s never too late to try a national […]

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The Little Ones

Perhaps more than any other nature preserve in North America, Yellowstone National Park is known for its large mammals. On any of our guided hiking tours in the world’s first national park, our clients might see elk, moose, mule deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn or mountain goats. We occasionally view predators, too, including black and grizzly […]

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Three Reasons To Choose Yellowstone

Of all the national parks in the lower 48 states, Yellowstone is my favorite. There are many reasons, but here are three of my top ones. First, Yellowstone has the biggest, wildest backcountry. Sure, Death Valley National Park is larger, but numerous paved and dirt roads carve its backcountry into a couple of dozen separate […]

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Take a Hike! 3 Important Health Benefits of Hiking

Whether you belong to a group of experienced wilderness adventurers or you’re a newbie to the world of national park backpacking, now is the perfect time to take a hike. The fall foliage, lack of insects, and cooler temperatures can make an autumn hiking trip ideal. But regardless of the time of year, backpacking trips […]

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Yellowstone Backpacking Highlights 2016, Part Two: Of Bears and Snow

What a year for our guided Yellowstone hikes: wildfire, snow, the great bear and much, much more! Really, who is to say what constitutes an actual “highlight”? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and while in these two blogs I focus on wildfire, bears, snow and autumn foliage, perhaps to some of our […]

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Yellowstone Backpacking Highlights 2016, Part One: Wildfire!

Our 2016 guided hiking trips in Yellowstone National Park included some amazing experiences, from wildfires to snowstorms to spectacular views of grizzly bears in their wild habitats. What a year it was! The summer of 2016 was a dry one throughout most of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, although localized thundershowers did produce wetter conditions in […]

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Our New Guided Yellowstone Backpacking Trip for 2017

For those of you who have been with us as clients over the years, you’ll note on our 2017 trip schedule that we have replaced our September Colorado trip with a new and exciting Yellowstone backpack adventure, the Northern Yellowstone Autumn Splendor trek, from September 18-23, 2017. Not that anything was wrong with our treks […]

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Yellowstone Backpacking and the Great Bears’ future, Part 3

Yes, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzly has made an impressive comeback, and backpacking in Yellowstone means an encounter is more likely than at any time in decades. Nonetheless, the population is far from secure. Here’s why. First, some high nutrition food sources have declined or are vulnerable to decline. For example, cutthroat trout in Yellowstone […]

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Yellowstone Backpacking and the Great Bears’ Future, Part 2

After the Park Service closed the now infamous Yellowstone garbage dumps (where bears fed as a public spectacle) during the early ’70’s, the Yellowstone grizzly population plummeted. That’s because the agency failed to heed the warnings of bear researchers John and Frank Craighead to wean the bears off the garbage gradually. Instead, the “cold turkey” […]

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Annual Trip Calendar


Capitan Lake - photo from one of our backpacking treks

List prices include our complete gear package and there is a $300 discount if you bring your own (see Canoeing ListBackpacking List, and/or
Questionnaire for details). Also, we offer a $300 discount for the second trip in a calendar year. Scheduled trips are for persons ages 14 and over. Exceptions to the age requirement will be made by us on a case-by-case basis.