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Wildlife safety in the Yellowstone Backcountry, Part 2

When it comes to wildlife safety on a guided Yellowstone backpacking trip, most of our clients think of bears. And that’s understandable, since Yellowstone grizzly bears do occasionally chomp on folks — usually those who precipitate the ursine action with some overt act of human stupidity: like closing in on the bear for a photo. […]

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Wildlife Safety In the Yellowstone Backcountry, Part 1

Some say that when tourists visit Yellowstone, they leave their brains back home. Many do, and the evidence abounds! For example, while driving through the world’s first national park, an observant visitor can see: tourists driving large often rented motor homes (they’ve never driven anything this big before), crossing the center line as they gawk […]

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Overview: The Threatened Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Part 3

Wilderness areas, such as the vast Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness just northeast of Yellowstone National Park, represent America’s highest level of landscape protection. Undeveloped chunks of public lands qualify for Wilderness designation by Congress under the Wilderness Act of 1964. According to the Wilderness Act, a Wilderness Area is “untrammeled”, meaning unregulated or un-manipulated. It is wild, […]

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Overview, The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Part 2

In the previous post I mentioned that the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is largely a highland that rises above the surrounding high desert and prairie landscapes. That’s a good thing for our guided backpack trips in the Yellowstone region, because the high country is pleasantly cool during the summer vacation season. So you’ll not be backpacking […]

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Overview: The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Part 1

As previously noted in our March 15 blog, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) is one of the great remaining wildland complexes on Earth, sprawling over roughly 16 million acres — or 25,000 square miles — of northwest Wyoming, southern Montana and extreme eastern Idaho. Yellowstone National Park encompasses about 2.2 million acres in the core […]

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Montana Backpacking on the Northern Continental Divide

The last of the great western wilderness ecosystems that I’ll discuss in this series is in northern Montana, crossing the Canadian border to include Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta plus some smaller adjacent wildlands in British Columbia. The vast bulk of this rugged wild ecosystem, though, is in the U.S., and includes Glacier National […]

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The Greater Salmon-Selway Ecosystem

Our guided Montana backpacking trips include a walk through the rugged Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness along the Montana/Idaho border, just to the southwest of Missoula, home of the University of Montana. For this trip, we meet our groups in Missoula. Although over half of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness is in Idaho, our guided hiking routes are in Montana, […]

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New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness Complex

Guided wilderness backpacking and camping tours in the Western U.S. can include nearly every kind of landscape imaginable, from hot arid desert to dank rainforest to icy alpine tundra….and everything in between. In the previous couple of posts, I’ve discussed two of our great western wild-land complexes: the Canyon Country wilds of southern Utah and […]

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Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Backpacking

In the previous blog about Utah’s canyon country, I discussed a number of the West’s remaining “wildland complex’s” or “wilderness ecosystems”. Aside from these geographic regions having great recreational opportunities, what is so special about them? Well, each complex has its own attractions, but as a generalization, it’s all about the wilderness! That’s because native […]

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The Utah Canyon Country Wildland Complex

The spectacular canyon country of the American Southwest is an iconic landscape, popularized by Hollywood’s cinematic shootouts and horse-chases set amidst a colorful landscape of sandstone buttes, mesas and canyons. These landscapes are mostly associated with the southern half of Utah, but the canyon country — which really refers to the Colorado Plateau geologic province […]

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