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CUSTOM AND FAMILY BACKPACKING AND CANOEING TRIPS are built around your personal, group or family interests.  We arrange the trip dates and location to suit your needs. We are glad to run Custom/Family trips in any of the unparalleled variety of remote wilderness lands in which we guide and even in some other areas. In other words, feel free to fantasize about your ultimate dream trip…and we will arrange and run it for you!

Whether your interest is nature study, wildlife photography, fishing, scrambling to summits, learning wilderness skills, relaxation, day-hiking from a wilderness base-camp that you backpack into, or perhaps embarking upon an exceptionally rigorous expedition, Big Wild can provide you with the ultimate personalized backpacking adventure.

For Family Trips with young children, we typically do a relatively short backpack into a base-camp and stay there for 2 or 3 nights, maybe moving camp once, but always camping near a beautiful lake, stream and/or other natural feature of interest. So we minimize pack-carrying and maximize camping and exploring on day-hikes without backpacks. This encourages youngsters to fall in love with the big outside without the burden of too much hard work!


1 person: $850/day.  2 people: $1,200/day.  3 people: $1,500/day.  4 people: $1,700/day.  5 people:  $1,900/day.  6 people:  $2,000/day.  7 people: $2,100/day.  8 people: $2,200/day.

Prices are all inclusive:  As with all of our trips, the list price includes food (3 meals/day plus snacks), cooking gear, equipment (backpack plus rain-cover & day-pack, sleeping bag & pad, tent, cup/bowl/spoon), all group gear (kitchen tarp, first aid kit, emergency communication device, stoves & fuel etc.), all trip planning, entry fees and taxes, and of course, the services of a Big Wild professional guide/naturalist (the guide is also the chef). We also provide transportation from town to and from the trailheads at no extra charge. In other words, just show up with the proper clothing & personal items, and we take care of everything else. There is a $300 discount per person, per trip, for those who bring all of their own basic equipment (backpack/rain-cover/day-pack, tent, sleeping bag/pad, cup/bowl/spoon).

Please note all Custom and Family trips require a $2,000 deposit for trip prices $8,000 or less. A 30% deposit is required on all trips priced at $8,000 or above.  It is best to sign up for your custom trip as early as possible in order to secure the time frame of your choice. Custom and Family trips can be as rigorous or relaxed as you like, and can be nearly anywhere in North America. Depending upon your needs, interests, and schedule, we will be happy to suggest specific areas and routes that we believe would provide a wonderfully satisfying and unforgettable adventure!

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With rare exceptions, we generally require a minimum of 4 days and 3 nights for Custom and Family Trips. That’s because we want you to have a real wilderness experience!  Also there is a modest additional charge of $500 for trips outside the Montana/Wyoming region.

Custom and Family Canoe Trip Prices will be determined on a case by case basis.

Beargrass BoyA Family Trip with Big Wild is a great way to protect young people from
Nature Deficit Disorder!

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Kids in the WoodsPlease note: Although the Grand Canyon is obviously one of the best-known and magnificent wonders of the world, the near-by red-rock or “slickrock” canyon country of southern Utah is every bit as magnificent, but without the crowds and campsite competition that sometimes plague the Grand Canyon backcountry experience.

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Capitan Lake - photo from one of our backpacking treks

List prices include our complete gear package and there is a $300 discount if you bring your own (see our Canoeing List, Backpacking List, and/or Questionnaire for details – found here). Also, we offer a $300 discount for the second trip in a calendar year. Scheduled trips are for persons ages 14 and over. Exceptions to the age requirement will be made by us on a case-by-case basis.

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