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Most of our clients are open to experiencing all kinds of wilderness, from desert to moist forest, from canyon country to alpine peaks and from the Alaskan outback to the far Southwest. Indeed, western North America offers landscape diversity unmatched on planet Earth, and happily, there remain lots of big chunks still in a wilderness condition! Moreover, nobody knows these vast timeless landscapes better than the Big Wild owners and guide staff. So rest assured, if it’s on our trip schedule, it’s a great trip! Nonetheless, occasionally, somebody asks us “Which trip is the best?” or “Which trip is your favorite?”. Because we at Big Wild love all different kinds of wilderness, and because some trip areas provide a great experience primarily at certain times of the year (and we schedule our trips for optimal time slots), that’s a tough question to answer. So to help folks make their trip choice, we’ve created the Which Backpacking Trip Is the Best? web page, and we strongly recommend that you visit it if you’re having trouble deciding. It will tell you which treks might offer the best wildlife viewing, for example, or the highest mountains or the greatest physical challenge or perhaps the most wildflowers. Maybe you want a classic Yellowstone backpacking experience with thermal features and the chance to see big animals in the wild. However you approach trip choice, though, we recommend that you be open both to all different kinds of wilderness (it’s all wonderful!), and to the unique and varying opportunities and experiences that distinguish any given trek.

Once you’ve signed up for a trip, feel free to contact us if you’re interested in obtaining the maps we’ll be using. We’ll give you the quadrangle names and you can order them from the United States Geologic Survey. Note that for some trips we don’t determine the exact route until fairly close to trip time so that we can adjust to varying conditions such as water levels, snow pack, fire danger etc. In addition, you can always do a weather check shortly before the trip by contacting the United States Weather Service. Be advised that if you’ve carefully followed the Big Wild Clothing/Personal Gear Hiking List that we send out to all clients when they sign up, you’ll be in great shape for whatever the weather goddess has in store.

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“Everyone needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”– John Muir

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Simply complete the Questionnaire and return it to us along with the attached contract and a $500 per-person deposit. Or, you can call us with either a Visa or MasterCard deposit. We’ll then send you confirmation, a complete list of clothing and other items which you should bring, and additional information about your upcoming backpacking adventure.

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